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Does Insurance Cover Water Damage From A Rain Storm

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage From A Rainstorm?

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage From A Rain Storm? It's a great question with no one clear answer. Why? According to researchers at Flood Factor, there ...
swimming pool insurance requirements

What Are Michigan’s Swimming Pool Insurance Requirements?

If you’re a homeowner who has a pool, or you’re thinking about adding one to the backyard this summer, you should make sure that you understand ...
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm Damage

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

This is the time of the year many people are typing “Does homeowners' insurance cover storm damage?” into their favorite search engine.  The fact is, if ...
firplace maintenance michigan

Why Wood Stove And Fireplace Maintenance Is So Critical

There’s nothing more comfortable and beautiful in a home during a Michigan winter than a roaring fireplace and the heat of a wood stove.  But without ...
fall home maintenance checklist

Prepare Your Home For Winter With This Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

There's no better time than now to take a look at your fall home maintenance checklist. It will help you to get ready for seasonal weather ...

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