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Cyber Insurance For Real Estate

Why Is Cyber Insurance For Real Estate A Must For Some People?

By Curt Rager, CPCU / August 10, 2022 /

Many industries in the United States, including real estate, are at risk from cyberattacks. Real estate is a prime target for cyberattacks because of its access to classified data and the ability to hang on to the financial data of its customers. Cyber insurance for real estate plays a crucial role in safeguarding real estate…

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Why Your Company Should Review Its Ransomware Protection

By Curt Rager, CPCU / July 12, 2021 /

Ransomware protection should never be an afterthought. In a recent letter addressed to corporate executives and business leaders, the White House emphasized that bolstering the nation’s resilience against cyberattacks is a main priority for President Joe Biden’s administration. Specifically, as ransomware attacks continue to rise in both cost and frequency throughout the country, the federal…

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