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Business Fire Insurance Claims

How To Handle Business Fire Insurance Claims

By Curt Rager, CPCU / September 21, 2022 /

Business fires can be devastating. And you’re not sure how to handle business fire insurance claims, it adds insult to injury. It can be even costlier and more severe if your business suffers a fire and you’re not adequately covered. No business owner buys fire insurance expecting a disaster, but it’s essential that you’re prepared…

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prevent supply chain attacks

How To Prevent Supply Chain Attacks From Ruining Your Business

By Curt Rager, CPCU / July 16, 2022 /

When cyber threat actors infiltrate a software vendor’s network and use malicious codes to compromise the program before sending it to users, this is known as a supply chain attack. The tainted program then disrupts the customer’s data or system.

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commercial auto insurance michigan

Small Businesses With No Commercial Auto Insurance Are Taking A Big Risk

By Curt Rager, CPCU / December 21, 2021 /

Small Businesses that don’t purchase commercial auto insurance are gambling. If a company car is ever in an accident, you’re more at risk IF you’re relying solely on their personal auto insurance. Here’s why.

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business umbrella insurance

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

By Curt Rager, CPCU / November 10, 2021 /

We get this question all of the time. “How much umbrella insurance do I need?”  Well, in a culture where litigation is commonplace, business owners have many more worries than making profits and retaining top employees. So, there isn’t one simple answer.

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