Travel Insurance: Covid Made It A Necessity

Before the pandemic, you probably didn’t think too much about personal travel insurance. Covid changed all of that. The global pandemic continues to cause chaos in the travel industry. So, it’s important to put together a plan that will protect you and your family on any trip.

Travel Getting Back To Normal

Travel for a time ground to a halt and people scrambled to get refunds from canceled flights, hotels, and cruise lines. The hardest part revolves around filing for claims from travel insurance. But beyond those lost costs, many people are learning valuable lessons if they didn’t make sure their travel insurance covered COVID-related medical expenses.

“The ability of personal medical insurance to handle unexpected costs when we travel overseas is complicated. And hospitals in other countries are going to want some pretty large deposits to even get you out of the waiting room,” said Autumn Insurance & Benefits President and CEO Curt Rager said. “What happens with an actual travel plan that includes medical is that it’s used as the primary insurance before your own personal policy. They even come with a concierge number to help take away the burden of travelers.”

Before you go anywhere, you should check updated travel restrictions. This may help you to decide if you should make the trip. If nothing else, it may also let you know if travel insurance is something to consider.

Travel Insurance—Covid Put It On The Map

So, many Michiganders will be hitting the travel trail in droves this summer. And many restrictions are being lifted. But many travelers are learning from their mistakes. They’re now making the needed investment in travel insurance. And in some cases, they have no choice. More than two dozen countries now require visitors to have medical and sometimes travel expense coverage, including any COVID-related medical needs.

For example, a trip to Dubai requires at least $100,000 in general emergency medical coverage and $50,000 for medical evacuation. According to a report on CNBC, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has also announced that unvaccinated passengers must buy travel insurance.

Autumn Personal Travel Insurance Options

With new COVID variants on the rise, the hope that this pandemic will become a distant memory is not realistic. Travel insurance will become a priority for the foreseeable future.  Autumn Insurance is ready to help you and your family. Contact one of our independent insurance agents. Or give us a call at 248-478-1177

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