Do I Need An Umbrella Policy? Michigan Renters Should Consider It

An umbrella policy, Michigan renters, and peace of mind often go hand in hand. The fact is, we spend a lot of time educating our homeowner clients about the importance of umbrella policies. But did you know that it’s an excellent option for renters as well? 

More U.S. households are currently renting their domiciles than at any point since 1965. For many, the benefits of renting include fewer maintenance costs and repairs, no property taxes, no down payments, and more location flexibility if they look towards changing addresses. 

Don’t Overlook It

An umbrella policy, Michigan renters, is for you. So don’t look past it.

Insurance agencies often overlook the renter demographic. At Autumn Insurance, we regularly explain their need for a renter’s insurance policy and that they have many of the same risks as a homeowner.  This umbrella is an excellent insurance benefit for them.   

What An Umbrella Policy Does

The umbrella policy gives an extra layer of liability protection. It covers both auto insurance and the renter’s insurance in the event a claim exceeds its limits.

For example, if a visitor is bitten by your dog, you can use your umbrella. A personal umbrella policy will cover claims larger than what the customer’s renters insurance can handle.

How To Obtain An Umbrella Policy

Obtaining a personal umbrella quote from Autumn Insurance is easy. A starting limit of $1 million and higher limits are available to protect your individual needs. It’s an intelligent source of protection for your home, car, and family, whether you own OR rent.

So, stop asking “Do I need an umbrella policy?”, Michigan renters. The answer is clear and we’re here to help you.

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