Renters Need to Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Personal Umbrella Policy

We spend a lot of time educating our homeowner clients about the importance of umbrella policies, but did you know that it’s an excellent option for renters as well? 

More U.S. households are currently renting their domiciles than at any point since 1965. For many, the benefits of renting include fewer maintenance costs and repairs, no property taxes, no down payments and more location flexibility if they look towards changing addresses. 

 Insurance agencies often overlook the renter demographic because many don’t see the need in carrying homeowners insurance. But at Autumn Insurance, we regularly educate our renter clients that they, in fact, have many of the same risks as homeowners and would probably greatly benefit from a personal umbrella policy.  

For renters, the benefits are many, but one that undoubtedly stands out is that a personal umbrella policy from Autumn Insurance increases your overall liability coverage beyond a customers’ homeowners and auto insurance policies. 

As an example, if your child’s friend spends the night and falls off a bunk bed, injuring himself severely, a personal umbrella policy will cover claims larger than what the customer’s renters insurance can handle.

Obtaining a personal umbrella quote from Autumn Insurance is so easy, with no vehicle or property lists required and available limits up to $5 million. It’s an intelligent source of protection for your home, car and family, whether you own OR rent. 

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